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Machiavelli   -   Индекс любви: Бесконечен (7/0)

Настоящее имя: Niccolo
E-mail: Не скажу   (отправить приватное сообщение)
Пол: Мужской
Дата рождения: 03/05/1969
Место жительства: Italy
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Интересы: Power, Impact, Mind manipulations, Psychology, Law,
Еще о себе: Yet another bad guy among the others, a large scale ambitious personality with an endless spectrum of interests and skills. A legend that lasts forever. A monstrous for some, a loved for the others. There are things in this world they don't want you to know, there are things they're sure you're stupid enough to get over, there's always somebody right behind your shoulder who's eager to get you off the right track - life is a competition. Don't let it happen - diversify your mind by doing the impossible, thinking the unthinkable, researching the unknown and breaking the crowd's perception of the surrounding world. Unfold your creativity and make it work. There are power-hungry freaks in this world thinking they know better than us what we have to do, when and why. Day by day they embarrass us on our way to the knowledge with more and more challenges to overcome. Say them your decisive NO. This world is ruled by a gang of cheatеrs thinking they're somewhat smarter than you and me - no, they just know a little more than us and take the advantage of their knowledge.

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